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We have a network of trusted and accredited Debt Collectors across the world.

Wherever the debt, we can find the solution.

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International Debt

Our members can recover money from almost anywhere in the world!

Our service is available to both UK and International based businesses with debt collection requirements around the world. Our partners operate in over 83 Countries from Argentina to Zaire.

If you are selling products or services on credit terms, you will have experienced the sheer frustration of late or non-payment. Chasing unpaid invoices can have a seriously counter productive effect and time is very much money. In addition, negotiating the recovery of International debt in a foreign language can prove extremely difficult. Time zone differences present additional obstacles along with the uncertainties of jurisdiction should recovery via court become necessary.

We can recommend organisations who successfully recover debt from across the world with both time and cost benefits to you.

Our objective is to evaluate, negotiate and create the circumstances within which problem debt solutions can be successfully resolved with the aim of:

- Maximizing cash flow
- Reduce financing costs
- Maintaining debtor goodwill and Commercial trading relationships
- Provision of an expedient and cost effective solution

In today's difficult economic climate, a much more targeted, strategic and smarter approach to debt recovery is required to maximise the potential of a successful recovery of your money. For no obligation free advice on how we can help you further get in touch.

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